About CloudSee

Webapper Thrives in the Cloud

At Webapper, we have a long history of building software. Starting in the 90s, we built “web 1.0” applications. After the dotcom crash in the early 2000s, Webapper continued building web applications and embraced agile software development. In the early 2010s, we started building and hosting applications on AWS. CloudSee reflects Webapper’s years of experience — we’ve built tools that we needed for our own cloud journey. Over the past few years, CloudSee has evolved and will continue to do so. We’re retooling our original product to be more cloud-native and extensible, and we think you’ll love what we deliver.

Webapper brings decades of hosting and development experience, including working with the cloud, to this endeavor. Our team includes certified AWS engineers, folks who have brought numerous products to market, and developers who have walked more than one mile in your shoes. We don’t profess to know it all, so we welcome feedback and ideas from our customers. Tell us what you think we should build next!

Webapper Cloud Software Engineers